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Assist Group

Assist Group Limited is a Christchurch based group of companies that design and install intelligent building systems and solutions.  The Group provides automation, audio-visual and electrical services South Island wide and has a strong focus on making complex systems simple.

In March 2015 the Assist Group reviewed its trading entities and re-branded Automation Assist Ltd as Assist Automation and AV Ltd. It also established Assist Electrical Ltd as a separate entity to provide electrical services independent of Assist Automation & AV Ltd.

Automation Assist & AV provides an extensive range of automation and audio-visual systems to residential homes as well as lighting control systems and AV for commercial and industrial premises.

Assist Electrical Limited was formed in 2015 to offer electrical services to the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

The group companies offer a wide range of expertise including experienced electricians and automation and audio-visual technicians with complementary skills such as security, data, wifi and structured cabling.

Assist Group’s philosophy has always been “Seven to Seventy” – where systems should be simple and self explanatory to the extent that with absolutely minimal instruction anyone can pick them up and use them.

Our Team

  • David Rycroft
    David RycroftManaging Director
    • Jon Whitlow
      Jon WhitlowManager/Director

      Assist Electrical

      Assist Electrical provides a one stop shop for all electrical services.

      With experience and expertise in residential, commercial and industrial work.

      Assist Electrical delivers high-quality electrical servicing and contract work on time and on budget.


      Assist Automation & AV

      Automation Assist & AV are a leading designer and installer of integrated multi-room audio-visual systems.

      In the commercial environment Automation Assist & AV adds value by providing easy to use energy efficient control and automation systems that can reduce the energy costs of a business,minimise their carbon footprint and increase the value of their property asset.



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